Gun Boxes
Millennium Wood Boxes takes pride displaying some of our gun boxes designs. All of our gun boxes are carefully handcrafted and follow our client's request for a custom design that meet and exceed any expectations. We are best known for working only with the best raw and finishing materials that give all our gun boxes that unique and detailed finish. In addition to gun boxes, Millennium Wood Boxes also specializes in rifle cases. These wooden boxes are the perfect case for displaying or safe keeping your gun or rifle. Special finishes and surface design can also be applied to any of our custom wooden boxes. We listen carefully to our clients's requests and help in selecting the raw material and surface design and to get that unique, exquisite, wooden box the desired finish. No design is complex for our craftsmen. Millennium Wood Boxes will help you in the whole process for all your gun boxes or rifle cases. Call Millennium Wood Boxes for your quote or if you have a special order we will gladly assist you on your request.