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Has been the leader in quality, best prices, and services in the manufacturing of cigar boxes, humidors, decorative wine boxes, unique gift boxes, and everything related with the production of wooden boxes. We pride ourselves in the exceptional handcrafted quality of our products.

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that The Millennium Wood Boxes Inc. is more than just cigar boxes. These beautifully handcrafted wood boxes can be customized to store wine, champagne, gifts, chocolate, tea, jewelry, coffee, glass collectibles and much more. Interested in making cigar box purses? The Millennium Wood Boxes Inc. has those hard to find decorative wooden cigar boxes perfect for making the truly unique cigar box purses that are so in style right now.

We even make custom wooden boxes for everyday items like pens and pencils, cologne, creams, shaving kits, and spa kits. If you do not see exact cigar boxes as the ones you are looking for, together, we will develop the box that best fits your needs in order to achieve the best packing and presentation solution for your products. Our skillfully made wood boxes are great gifts for any occasion.

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Our Wooden Cigar boxes

Are made from authentic Spanish cedar. Spanish cedar is really known for its very distinctive fragrance, and thus is the wood of choice for lining humidors, cigar boxes and cigar wrappers. The fragrance also gives our unique packaging an added aroma that appeals to your sense of smell.

The wood will vary in color depending on the origin and soil conditions, but generally it has a pinkish to red colored heartwood, which darkens with exposure to either a red-brown or red-purple tone. What is great about the kind of wood that goes into making our wooden cigar boxes is that it is rot resistant and impervious to termites, so it is perfect for great outdoor use. In fact, it is the perfect material for all of our cigar boxes, wine boxes, gun boxes, humidor boxes, and lure boxes.

In addition to these unique qualities, The Millennium Wood Boxes Inc. keeps our environment in mind when choosing the materials that go into the manufacturing process. Using Spanish cedar wood versus plastic or cardboard, which takes years to decompose or sometimes never actually decompose, will actually contribute positively to our environment because the wood is biodegradable. Biodegradable products decompose naturally over short periods of time. This translates into less waste, and a better outcome for the environment.